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What are the best after exam activities for young children? The answer will vary slightly depending on the age group. For young children up till age of 12, a good idea is to encourage them DIY activities, activities that offer fun and sense of achievement. The early age is the time to nurture head and heart (cognitive skills, sociable skills). Spend time with them. Do something, be a part of their group sometime. Take them on trips to countryside, farms, and agricultural places. It’s also important to shift their attention from mobile games, TV to other outdoor activities. Building block-based games can also be a very good option. Let them assemble toys on their own. In essence, there are 3 types of learning for young children. Broadly classified as auditory, visual and kinetic. Children learning styles are different, and we at El-Amin recognise this and make efforts to teach outside of the classroom. So after exams, understand your child’s style of learning and teach him interesting and new things, in his style of learning.

On Thursday 24th June, 2022, SS 3 learners went on an excursion to Magic land. Why did we decide to take them to an amusement park? Because all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. After a successful conclusion of their W.A.E.C examinations they deserved a good break outside the school to bond and have fun. With all our excursions at the school, students are accompanied with a staff and teachers, our media team and security team. Magicland Park formerly called Wonderland Park is a major recreational parks in Abuja. It is situated beside the Abuja city gate and filled with fun activities for children. Learners who visited had access to the following rides:

-Bumper car

-Super spin

-Roller coster

-Flying eagle


-Arcade fun-city.

It was a fun and a memorable experience for all. With the summer holidays right around the corner, this can be one of the best times to spend quality time with your children, explore places with them and play some fun games with them. Have fun time with them and see that they eat many healthy foods as during school time, they may not eat properly due to various activities and tensions that come with studying and exam. Let children spend enough time with different people so that they know how to handle new people in different situations. So after exams, dear parents, is the time to give your child a platter of life with all different items in it.

By: Tazkiyah Dauda

(SS 3 Learner, 2021-2022 Set)