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Clubs at El-Amin

The learners always look forward to clubs and society gatherings, competitions, programs and events.

At El-Amin International School, we not only concentrate on the classroom learning and activities but also make time for extracurricular activities such as, clubs and societies, excursions and competitions. These help in shaping a child socially, and engaging them in mental and physical activities outside of classroom work is a priority at this school.

11young farmer

Young Farmers Club

This club seeks to develop the students' potential in agriculture, the club also teaches students current world trends on food and agriculture and Nigeria’s government policy and initiatives on agriculture.

Home Makers Club

This is a unique club that nurtures students on family living and homemaking. It prepares a generation to possess special skills to become successful entrepreneurs in our society.
11press debate and literacy club

Press, Debate And Literary Club

This club aims at harnessing the relevance of debate and literature for the betterment of members. It exposes members to the rudiments of debate, press and literature and improves the use of language through exposure to the practice of the above.
11creative and music

Creative And Music Club

This club builds up entrepreneurship skills in the learners as well as expand the learners' creative minds and sense of observation. The club also helps learners discover their hidden talented potentials.
11audio visual club

Audio Visual (AV) Club

The Audio Visual Club has photography, videography, cartoons and animations and so on. Here, learners learn how to handle different kinds of cameras to prepare them to become professional photo and videographers.
11chess club

Chess Club

This club is introduced to enhance learners’ analytical thinking and problem solving abilities.
11jets club

Jets Club

This club equips students with a broad range of engineering and science skills that will be essential for the future academics work in enegining, science and technology.

Other Clubs include

  • Taekwondo
  • Junior paramedics Club:
  • Geography Club
  • Brain Teasers Club
  • Spelling Club


At El-Amin International School, sports is an important part of the school function

Our sport activities provide us with the opportunity of relaxation and being able to maximize the use of  our natural talents. The school has two standard stadiums with the following sporting activities available

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Track and field
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn tennis
  • Volleyball

Trips and Excursions

The school curriculum embraces all aspects of growth, academics, social interaction and discipline.

The different sections go on excursions, depending on the scheme and date scheduled on the school calendar. Parents are duly informed before learners go on an excursion. A few places visited during excursion by EL-AIS staff and learners include:

  • Park and Zoo
  • Bamanga Tukur Park
  • Silverbird Television
  • Blue Ivy Hospital
  • HMedix Pharmacy
  • Paygreen Pharmacy

Special Campus Tour

Want a first-hand experience of our serene learning environment?? Plan a date with us for an opportunity to witness our grooming process with the help of our state of the art facilities and effective learning culture.


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