At El-Amin International School at least one extra-curricular activity is mandatory for all learners and teachers


Extra Curricular Activities

Activities are practiced and performed by learners and staff taught by either teacher at the school or external professionals.

Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the life of our learners, teachers and staff. These activities provide us with the opportunity of relaxation and being able to maximise the use of our natural talents. It also serves as a good ice-breaker and bonding exercise between staff, teachers and learners from other classes.

Clubs and Society

Clubs & Society

Engaging our kids in mental and physical activities outside of classroom work is a priority at this school, these help in shaping a child socially.



At El-Amin International School, sports is an important part of the school function. The school is equipped with two standard stadiums.

Study Trips

Study Trips

The different sections go on excursions, depending on the scheme and date scheduled on the school calendar. Parents are duly informed before learners go on an excursion

Dress Code

At El-Amin International School, our uniform stands for confidence and we take pride in our school uniform. All learners are expected to always be properly dressed in the appropriate school uniform while on the school premises or representing the school during external examination, excursions or competitions.

Dress Code Rules

Hair: Female learners must have their hair packed neatly or braided (only on Fridays) and the male learners should have their hair-cut low.

Nails: Nails should be kept short and tidy.

Shoes and socks: All learners are expected to have all black school shoes. Shoes must be neatly polished and no high heels are allowed for female learners. 

Head ties and neckties: Head ties are not part of our school uniform and will be seized from any learner caught wearing one. Learners in our Secondary Section (male and female) wear ties as part of their school uniform. Ties are expected to be knotted properly; as it adds to the sophistication of their entire look.

Make-up is not allowed in school and is strictly prohibited  for all learners. 

Jewellery: Female learners are allowed to wear only studded or small earrings; any extra will be confiscated. Learners are not allowed to wear dangling earrings, and other fanciful jewellery and accessories like sunglasses, anklets, ear/nose rings, bracelets, wristbands/beads, necklaces, or rings. These are strictly prohibited in school. Simple wrist watches are allowed in school however, smart watches are not allowed.

Dress Code

The School Calendar

A typical academic session (School year) comprises three (3) terms i.e. first, second and third term which commences in September and ends in July. Within this period, teaching and learning activities by teachers for learners are concluded for the academic year and learning outcomes assessed. Special events such as Easter, Founders Day, El-Amin Day, Open Day, End of Year activities amongst others are celebrated in school depending on the term they fall under. The dates special events are celebrated in school are as follows:


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