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Getting to know us

ABOUT El-amin

The history of El-Amin International School Abuja has been that of academic excellence, good morals, knowledge and success. The learners have always work hard to excel in their academic performance and extra-curricular activities.


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Our Curriculum

The school aims to develop a curriculum that provides a balance of academic and extra-curricular activities to ensure the progression of each child to the next academic session. The school is divided into three units; Nursery, Primary and Secondary. In line with the Federal Government’s 9-3-4 system of education, we have carefully created the ideal programmes for our learners.

Pre-school and nursery

The school is aimed at developing a child-based curriculum and still maintaining its international standards that provides a balance, relevance and progression in the educational career.


The school is In line with the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 9 years basic education curriculum implemented from 2008. The Primary School teacher’s scheme are also in line with the FCT, Abuja.

Junior Secondary Section

Below is a list of subjects offered in the Junior Secondary Section. These subjects are designed and tailored to enable students complete the Junior National Examinations Council (NECO) certification

Senior Secondary Section

Below is a list of subjects offered in the Senior Secondary Section. These subjects are designed and tailored to enable students complete the West African Examination Council (WAEC) certification. .



We have 19 years of experience in the Education Sector :



Improving teacher quality is the single most effective way to improve student outcomes. Schools do not change the lives of kids, individual teachers do. With over 50 qualified teachers, the school is headed by a principal who is assisted by a Vice- Principal (Academics), two Head of Sections (Upper and Lower), a Student Affairs Officer, and the Heads of Departments. Together with the Senior Management Team, they oversee the day- to- day running of the school.



The school’s Motto is Knowledge and Success. We pride ourselves in encouraging the students to cultivate self-knowledge through the guidance of the teacher, parents and facilities within the school. In a rapidly changing world, it is important to teach our students how to continuously seek knowledge. We teach our students how to understand themselves and each other.



Our extra-circular activities are beneficial in a variety of ways. The diversity in clubs and extra-curricular plays an important role in adolescent lives and future. The activities are self-organized by the student or facilitated by the experts within or outside the school.



At El-Amin we emphasize on perseverance and confident communication. We build not just your child’s writing and speaking skills, we build on their negotiation skills and leadership skills. Every child is a leader and El-Amin strives to bring out the leader in your child.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Clubs and societies

These are activities that are carried out besides the normal academic work. These activities complement the academic aspect of learning in order to mold the children socially and morally to the desired result. 

Coordinators and club captains are in charge of the extra-curricular activities. Some of these activities includes:

JETS club
This club focuses on introducing learners to the principal techniques and practices of engineering. It equips learners with a broad range of engineering and science skills that will be essential for future academic work.
Press, Debate and Literary Club
This club aims at harnessing the relevance of debate and literature for the betterment of members. It exposes members to the rudiments of debate, press and literature and improves the use of language through exposure to the practice of the above.
Creative and Music club
This club builds up entrepreneurship skills in the learners as well as expand the learners’ creative minds and sense of observation. The club also helps learners discover their hidden potentials.
Young Farmers Club
This club seeks to develop the learner’s potential in agriculture as well as promote the government’s policy and initiatives on agriculture.
Home Makers Club
This is a unique club which is meant to nurture members of family living/ homemaking. It prepares a generation to possess special skills and be able to become successful entrepreneurs in a society where white collar jobs are scarce.
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